Our principles:
We provide our customers with versatile premium quality products at a reasonable price. It is not our objective to lead the “who can produce it cheaper” race but rather be a leader among enterprises that manufacture products and service their customers in the best possible manner.
So as to cater for a wider selection for our customers, we are continuously complementing our product portfolio foremost with products that contrast with the output of mass producing undertakings.
If we didn’t already have a successful trademark, our logo could also consist of three smiling faces: the first face would be that of the customer that has received a unique and sound product, the second face would belong to the builder that has completed their work without setbacks or major effort, and the third face would no doubt be our own happy face celebrating the accomplishments of the two abovementioned partners.
Product design
Our products are designed in a 3D environment, providing for considerable savings on time and expenses related to the development of new products. The average “birth period” for a new product is merely 2-3 weeks from the actual initial planning to completion of the new product.  
In the final design stage, detailed element drawings are prepared along with explanations required for the purposes of production, guaranteeing premium accuracy class in manufacturing the products. 
In the very initial design stages, we keep in mind all of the parameters of the designed building, up to the end product’s packaging measurements: all of this mattes foremost so as to cater for a smooth and as affordable as possible transportation to the end customer.
Raw materials:
Our production uses quality-graded dried Nordic whitewood sawn timber. Profiles required to manufacture the products are planed in our plant.
This is the best way to ensure a uniformly premium quality of our products.
In producing our doors, we use glulam to cater for maximum prevention of potential twisting.
Openable windows and some of the premium-grade doors used in our products are ordered from companies that specialize in the production thereof - this is the best way to ensure a uniformly premium quality of such products.

We primarily make buildings made of light, plant-composed elements that are easy and convenient to compile. Our building sets include all applicable wooden parts (incl. doors and windows; in most cases, the latter are preinstalled in wall elements), a set of fasteners as well as a detailed easy-to-understand assembly instruction. 
Screw assembly of prefabricate frames provides for a strong and durable frame structure that will serve the owner for a long time also in Nordic weather conditions.
Ground beams are made of timber with a minimum cross-section of 44x94 mm (upon special customer requests, we can assemble a building also using non-standard ground beams and floor boards) that does not require a separate foundation (the building may also be installed on a construction block footing that significantly economizes the customer’s resources in terms of time and money).
Starting from 2014, we also use framed systems to achieve the best result for larger premium-grade buildings (summer kitchen Jana, Glass house etc.).
Additional heat insulation:
To cater for a longer utility period for our products (summer houses) we also provide buildings with additional heat insulation; the insulation adheres to two options:
a. additional heat insulation timber set (without expanded polystyrene (EPS), damp-proof building paper and protective film) with detailed installation instructions and fasteners;
b. buildings made of plant-insulated prefabricates.
Generally, our technical specifications and applicable profiles provide for heat insulation of the following:
* walls – with 35 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS);
* floors – with 65 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS);
* ceilings – with 65 mm expanded polystyrene (EPS).
For details, request more information!

Completed products and accessories:
We only use quality accessoriesto complete our products, thus ensuring sound operation of the products for the whole duration of their utility life: cylinder locks, adjustable butt hinges etc. 
Products completed by us (grills, Wagon’s metal parts) have proven their quality across a lengthy period of time. Note that Wagon’s metal parts (made on special order) are zinced before painting.
Delivery of products to the customer:
Speaking of the best possible service provided to our customers, delivery of the buildings to the end customer must be mentioned.  
Naturally, if so requested by the customer, we deliver the products straight to the customer across Estonia.
During the past two years, we have also delivered orders in our neighboring market in Finland - in collaboration with logistics companies Ahola Transport and Kaukokiito, our products are delivered to the customer straight from the plant.
As pertaining to some of our German customers (grillhouses), the products are sent to local logistics companies that thereafter, based on information submitted by our bulk purchaser, delivers the purchase directly to the end customer.
This service will undergo further development in the future: this will considerably reduce our resellers’ (substantially unnecessary) expenses on storage facilities, reloading and other handling of goods. Delivery time is thus also shortened which is undoubtedly an important factor for our end customers.
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